The possibilities are practically endless for a MBA grad, so let’s focus on these six jobs where an MBA can really make a difference.

Top 6 Jobs for MBA Grads

1. Software developer

While software developers generally do not need an MBA, having one can set developers apart from other information technology professionals. Some online MBA programs even offer a concentration in technology. And the job outlook for software developers is good, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating over 22 percent growth from 2012 to 2022.

2. Information security analyst

Entry level education for an information security analyst is a bachelor’s degree, but companies often prefer information security analysts with MBA degrees because they are considered to be well-rounded. An MBA program helps analysts develop their existing skill set and shows them how to integrate their learnings into real world applications on the job. The job outlook for information security analysts is growing faster than average at 37 percent.

3. Financial manager

Those with a financial background may benefit most from an MBA program with a concentration in finance. An MBA can help a financial manager develop analytical skills and learn financial analysis methods and software. The median salary for financial managers in 2012 was $109,740.

4. Management analyst

A management analyst or consultant is responsible for proposing ways to improve an organization’s efficiency and profitability. Understanding how operations and finance affect these areas is vital for a management analyst. MBA programs cover operations and finance as well as many other crucial areas. The job outlook for management analysts is faster than average growth at 19 percent.

5. Operations research analyst

Operations analysts tend to need an MBA to advance to the higher levels of management within their industry. Most MBA programs cover the strategy needed for production and operations management. Knowing that operations is key to many industries, some programs even offer a specialization in operations or logistics. This job outlook has faster than average growth at 27 percent.

6. Interpreter or translator

Sometimes all that is required of an interpreter or translator is to be able to speak a second language. However, an MBA grad can work in more technical areas such as IT or finance where an understanding of the subject matter is relevant to the translation. And as business becomes ever more global, understanding business and language creates even more value for translators. As proof of this, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 46 percent growth over the next several years.


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