While compensation is an important contributor to job satisfaction, what is more important to skilled candidates is the quality of life offered by the position they are considering. Can they make a difference within the organization without fully tying themselves to the corporate world?

When looking for a new role or career change, a great way to get a leg up in an already competitive job market is to pursue an advanced degree, like an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Not only will you be a better candidate, but you can also pursue new career advancement opportunities. Finding a role where you are making an active difference will be easier with more options open to you.

Making a Difference

The World Economic Forum reports that a key consideration for young candidates is a company’s quantifiable impact on the world around it, and their potential to be company influencers. They don’t necessarily want to run the company. They want to help the company grow and succeed, especially if the company is working for the betterment of the world by and large.

Current students and young professionals will account for nearly one-third of the workforce within the next decade, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Modern businesses must make a concerted effort to understand what will motivate today’s young professionals. Businesses are discovering it is no longer enough to dangle the possibility of a promotion following years of hard work. It’s not enough to have a job; it must be a job that has value and meaning beyond showing up to work.

As technological advances continue to create new opportunities and new markets worldwide, jobs that shape how we live, work and play hold great appeal for young professionals. The chance to be part of a world-changing initiative is one of the greatest lures a business can offer a prospective candidate; delivering on that promise can be the route to job satisfaction.

The Value of an Individual Contribution

As the world becomes increasingly complex — both in socioeconomic stratification and in the overwhelming flood of data — it is easy for a single person to feel like but one point in a database. After a significant investment of time and money in an education, most professionals desire an identity that holds value in the community. They want to do work that makes a difference.

Moreover, the industries where that difference is most widely recognized are healthcare, media and education, followed by biotech, technology and justice. In short, job satisfaction is found in actively improving the quality of life of young professionals and the greater population. Industries that value individual contributions are more likely to entice fresh graduates from advanced degree programs, as more and more candidates look for opportunities that enrich both their own inner lives and the lives of those around them.

How an MBA Can Help

While many young professionals have just recently graduated with their bachelor’s or associate degree, getting an advanced degree like an MBA can help new graduates when they are pursuing these sorts of impactful and exciting roles. Companies are excited to hire motivated young people, but especially well-prepared and educated young people. An MBA can give young candidates a leg up when job hunting, as well as the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in any industry they choose to pursue.

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