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James Cato professor at TAMUCC profile picture

Dr. James Cato

Adjunct Faculty

"An MBA provides advanced and flexible management skills. It can help the graduate develop an extensive professional network, command a higher salary and realize important leadership skills. In essence, an MBA gives the graduate a business advantage over a non-MBA job applicant."

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TAMUCC professor Dr Changchit Culeeporn profile picture

Dr. Chuleeporn (Nikki) Changchit


"I cannot recall any successful company which does not have an excellent management team. Regardless of any discipline you are working with, good management skills are a must for everyone."

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Profile picture of TAMUCC professor Patrick Crowley

Dr. Patrick M. Crowley


"I truly believe that learning is a lifelong pastime that enriches you as you move through the stages of living on our amazing planet."

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Deniz Gevrek TAMUCC faculty member profile picture

Dr. Deniz Gevrek


"I believe that the role of an educator is to help students explore the relationship between theory and practice, or what many call the ‘real world.’"

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Profile image of TAMUCC professor Dr. Randall Harris

Dr. Randall Harris


"I think that the ability to cultivate and nurture relationships is the single most important skill set for general management."

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Dr. Hsiao-Tang (Tom) Hsu

Associate Professor

"Online teaching breaks up the limitation of time and location. Both students and faculty have more flexibility in studying, teaching and other interactions."

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Associate Professor Andrew Johnson's profile picture

Dr. Andrew Johnson

Associate Dean of Student Success and Associate Professor

"The MBA sets you apart in an increasingly competitive job market. An advanced degree shows that you have the skills necessary to take on any number of projects and responsibilities."

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TAMUCC faculty member Rusty Karst

Dr. Rusty V. Karst

Assistant Professor

"Online learning is an essential component of education and will continue to grow in importance as the world shrinks through information technology developments, globalization and market hyper-competition."

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Dr. Jim Lee


"Be ready to take the challenge in the program, which will prepare you for more challenges in your career."

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TAMUCC faculty member Mohan Rao profile pic

Dr. Mohan Rao


"With the growing importance of data analytics and data-driven decision-making, the MBA is becoming more and more valuable for today's professionals."

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Dr. Katherine J. Roberto

Associate Dean of Accreditation and Associate Professor

“An MBA is almost a requirement to move up to certain levels of management in larger companies today. If you are interested in advancement—or at least removing potential barriers to it—it's an essential component.”

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TAMUCC faculty profile picture of Dr. Chunlai Ye

Dr. Chunlai Ye

Associate Professor

"It is my great honor to have the opportunity to teach. I love interacting with students. They always give me fresh perspectives and help me understand subjects to a much deeper level."

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TAMUCC faculty member Rabih Zeidan profile image

Dr. Rabih Zeidan

Associate Professor

"Words have different meanings—always ask questions and do not make assumptions. There is no stupid question. Always ask questions."

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TAMUCC professer Zhao Quihong profile image

Dr. Qiuhong Zhao

Associate Professor

“The MBA coursework facilitates networking with classmates and potential future colleagues, fostering of leadership attributes, and developing a solid base of knowledge conducive to successful entrepreneurship.”

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