It takes a large amount of discipline and personal drive to be an online student. Flexibility is one of the key benefits of online learning. Yet this flexibility means that you, as an online student, are responsible for when you attend lectures and when you complete your assignments. However, a student of an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program like the one offered by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi must have more than just a strong sense of discipline.

1. General Skills

Succeeding in an online program requires general skills like organization, time management, problem-solving and critical thinking. These are skills that you will further develop throughout your MBA education, but they will also be helpful when demonstrating your capacity to be an effective MBA student.

When applying for an online MBA program, you must also showcase the following four attributes as they are key to being a strong candidate.

2. A Team-oriented Focus

If you are seeking an MBA, you must be able to work well with others. Many MBA programs will require that students work together in groups to foster the teamwork and collaborative skills necessary for being successful in a business environment. Collaborating effectively drives productivity, problem-solving, creativity and innovation. As reflected in responses to GMAC’s 2023 Corporate Recruiters Survey, today’s top employers believe that interpersonal skills like teamwork are among the most important skills for employees to have, both now and in the future. It is for this reason that being team-oriented is a vital attribute of an online MBA candidate.

3. Leadership Skills

As an MBA student, you must know when is the right time to take charge of a conversation or project. When no one is willing to step up and make a decision, it can cause a stalemate in productive work. MBA students go on to be leaders in their professions and must use the information available to make tough decisions. Plus, as a future leader, you must be able to inspire those around you and help your team align with shared goals and your organization’s vision. GMAC’s survey respondents also ranked leadership highly among today’s most important job skills.

4. Strong Communication

MBA programs often include discussion forums where professors and peers can interact and build knowledge collectively. This means your courses will require you to communicate well with other students. When you study online, your classmates may reside across the globe and the nation. As a result, it is important that you are clear in your statements and quick with your responses when working on group projects. Listening actively is also essential to two-way communication, regardless of the situation. Along with leadership and teamwork, GMAC, LinkedIn and numerous others often cite communication as a critical, high-value skill in the workplace.

5. Professional Work Experience

If you’re considering pursuing an MBA, you should build work experience that will stand out to business school admissions counselors. The more full-time work experience you have, the stronger your online MBA application. Cyclically, earning your MBA online allows you to continue working while completing your studies, meaning you can apply what you learn directly to your work in real time.

The attributes of a strong online MBA candidate include someone who is disciplined and organized, has strong problem-solving skills, is team oriented, has strong leadership and communication skills and can show they have the necessary professional work experience. Quality programs like TAMU-CC’s often require a resumé as part of the application process. It is through clearly representing your work experience that you can best demonstrate your skills, giving you the best odds of acceptance into a good MBA program.

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