To become a senior executive at a leading company, you must be able to make critical, strategic business decisions, ones that require a highly developed set of skills. To form educated opinions and know how to act decisively, executives, managers and team leaders need sharp analytical skills. Two things that can hone these analytical skills are experience and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

Both experience and a comprehensive business education can teach you to make better business decisions. With the 100% online MBA program from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC), you can advance your education and your experience simultaneously, applying the decision-making skills you develop to the job in real time.

Intricate and Complex Decisions Can Have Long-term Consequences

The best CEOs and managers know the steps to take to make informed business decisions based on their industry knowledge. In other words, they are familiar with the basic concepts of decision analysis.

What are these steps? First, you’ll need some sharp analytical skills, which you can polish through studies in a graduate program such as an online MBA. These programs include courses to help you develop and sharpen your strategic and analytical skills.

For instance, TAMU-CC’s online MBA program offers the foundational course Statistical and Decision Analysis, in addition to classes on subjects like administrative strategy, software-driven solutions for analysis and problem-solving, business intelligence and analytics. When you enter the job market with the foundational skill set you gain from these studies, you can approach decision-making and collaborative problem-solving in a new way.

Decision Analysis Can Help With the Following Types of Business Decisions

One day, you may have to consider one of the most common business decisions: whether or not to expand your business. You could sit and think of the pros and cons of doing either, but unless you studied topics such as the techniques of risk analysis and the economic impact of strategic decisions, chances are you may not make the right decision every time. MBA graduates understand decision analysis techniques in application, giving them the confidence and expertise needed to make more strategic management decisions in challenging leadership roles.

An Online MBA Program Can Teach Decision Analysis

An online MBA program like TAMU-CC’s can teach you to take a systematic approach to decision-making. MBA studies teach you how to create and use decision trees or influence diagrams in various situations. These can be useful for capital investment decisions, long-term-planning issues and more. There are hardly any simple decisions in business, and with proper analytics tools, you will be ready to handle even the most complex of decisions with relative ease.

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