Becoming a marketing manager requires the skills and knowledge of both marketing and general business practices. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) can make you more successful as a marketing manager by helping you learn advanced marketing concepts and giving you a solid background in business.

Why an MBA Helps

Marketing management goes beyond knowing marketing; it also involves knowing the ins and outs of how a business works. Marketing management requires knowledge of different tools needed to develop, advertise and promote products and generate sales for a company. Marketing managers must know how to create budgets, conduct market research and develop a market strategy. An online MBA program can give you these skills.

Many of the core classes that MBA students take are designed to provide a general understanding of how different aspects of running a business work together. Understanding basic concepts in accounting, finance, management, for example, can help a marketing professional understand how marketing decisions impact other parts of the business. But an MBA program goes beyond the basics by showing students how these areas are applicable to real-world situations. An MBA program will also help you build analytical skills, which can help students look at marketing or business challenges in different ways to find the best solution.

Obtaining your MBA can help you become successful in marketing management. Completing an online MBA program can offer students with hectic schedules a way to earn their degrees while still upholding commitments to work and family. You can grow your marketing career and broaden your general business knowledge through an MBA program.

Better Career Prospects

Regardless of the industry, earning an MBA can help you earn a higher salary, a promotion, or a better job at a different company. Some marketing jobs even require an MBA or other master’s degree. If you are interested in marketing, you may have a career as a promotions manager, market research analyst or sales manager, among other jobs. In 2014, the median pay for marketing managers was $124,850. The job outlook for marketing jobs is strong, with growth slightly faster than the national average for all occupations.

Although a master’s degree is not a prerequisite for many marketing jobs, earning an MBA can certainly be a wise move, demonstrating to employers that the individual has the determination to complete a graduate degree and the advanced skills and knowledge that such a degree provides.

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