The summer is a great time to travel and have fun with friends and family, and it can also be an ideal time to improve your career, if you take advantage of numerous skill-building opportunities. Career advancement over the summer does not have to be expensive, time-consuming or boring. In fact, you can even reinvent yourself.

Career Advancement Opportunities

If you have been thinking about earning an MBA, you may want to consider an online MBA program, through which you can build your leadership, teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills. Having an MBA can help you stand out with current and future employers, possibly opening up opportunities for career advancement and a higher salary.

Focus on Win-win Networking Events

Summer events present fun networking opportunities such as baseball games, company picnics, horse races and car shows. And, you never know who you will meet at these events, such as your boss’s boss or C-suite decision makers. If you do make a new friend at a fun event, be sure to keep in touch via your LinkedIn profile and set up a meeting for coffee. Strive to create a win-win relationship.

Boss on Vacation? Step Up

Another summer time skill-building opportunity is to step up and to demonstrate your leadership skills, especially if the boss is away. Rather than being set in your comfort zone, roll up your sleeves and get busy working on a new project or solving a problem that’s plaguing the company. This will get the boss’s attention and allow you to make yourself more valuable.

Learn a New Skill, or Two

Career advancement over the summer can give you the strategic advantage if you plan it right. What goal have you always wanted to tackle but never had the time? What topic do you want to learn more about but never took the time to review? Use this time to make those dreams come true. Set a goal, get started and then celebrate your success. Then get back to summer time fun.


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