The spring season brings revitalization. It can also bring a renewed sense of purpose and possibility. When we look back at the winter months and the end of the year, we begin to think about things achieved as well as goals left unfinished. But now is the time to “spring forward.” Today’s the day to take charge, so don’t put your personal progress on the back burner for another minute.

So what can you do now to invest in yourself and take your career to the next level? What options exist for busy professionals who wish to maximize opportunities for personal and professional advancement?

When recruitment staff comb through the glut of applications received for every position advertised, they are looking for specific skill sets and qualifications that identify outstanding candidates. One such qualification is an advanced business degree, most notably a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

A GMAC survey reports that 88% of US companies planned to hire an MBA graduate in 2016 with the trend expected to continue for 2017. The report shows the current hiring outlook for recent MBA graduates and analyzes trends across industries, nationally and globally.

The Benefits of an MBA

An MBA is the premier qualification for business graduates serious about career prospects, promotability and salary enhancement. Successful business professionals feel good about their contribution to their companies and the positive impact they are making, with MBA grads reporting “high” job satisfaction in a recent PayScale survey.

In completing an MBA degree, working professionals have the opportunity to connect and liaise with other students, tutors, professors and business owners through networking opportunities, and they find that their qualification enables them to reach their full earning potential.

You can complete an online degree alongside your current occupation to show your superiors that you are serious about advancing your career. Through MBA coursework, you’ll gain skills in accounting, economics, business management and leadership that you can apply immediately and the benefits to your company are sure to be noticed.

For Startups and Entrepreneurs

Earning an MBA is also an excellent choice for professionals who wish to start their own companies, or who may have already developed products or services and now need the theoretical grounding in the essential entrepreneurial skills of risk assessment, finance and human resources.

If studying for or completing your MBA features in your personal goals for yourself this year, you can enroll soon. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC) offers start dates throughout the year for its online MBA program, so you can pick a date that works for you. In progressing through the program, you can hone your leadership skills, become adept at social media marketing and develop advanced financial literacy.

So what’s standing in your way? Make the choice to earn an MBA degree so you can graduate into a new world of possibilities that includes promotions and plumper paychecks.

Learn more about the TAMU-CC online MBA program.


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