Earning a Master of Business Administration can have many benefits. Students who earn their MBAs can often look forward to a better career, salary and job prospects. These MBA statistics can help students consider why getting an online MBA is worth it:

Reasons to get an MBA

Job market

According to the 2015 Global Management Education Graduate Survey (GMAC), which collects a variety of MBA statistics, 59 percent of job-seeking graduate business students in the class of 2015 received an early job offer prior to graduation. Of the 59 percent, 52 percent accepted mid-level positions, 18 percent accepted senior-level positions, and 27 percent accepted entry-level positions. An increase in the job market has also benefited MBA students, with 84 percent of companies globally saying they would hire MBA students.


GMAC also said a typical MBA graduate can earn a starting salary around $100,000, which is slightly higher than the 2014 salary. It is also almost double what they typical college graduate will make this year. Companies also said that they would increase salary for MBA graduates, but only one in five companies would pay more than the rate of inflation.


The majority (86 percent) of the class of 2015 say that their MBA was helpful in employability and improved their chances of finding a job. The MBA statistics also show that the graduates reported an increase of knowledge, skills and abilities that helped them excel in their careers. Additionally, about 4 in 5 business school graduates indicated that the reasoning skills they had learned in school were applied to the majority of their job.

Earning an MBA can be difficult when trying to balance work, home and school life. However, getting an online MBA can help students manage their time. Online MBA programs can be a smart option for MBA students seeking to continue their current employment. Getting an MBA is a great way for students to become successful in the business world.