Many Texans are interested in furthering their career with a Master of Business Administration. Concerns about time, distance and family obligations can cause hesitation about committing to an advanced degree program. Fortunately, some Texas universities offer online MBA programs.

A geographically relevant online MBA

Several universities in Texas now offer an online MBA. While the school’s location isn’t as relevant for distance learning programs, there are compelling reasons why the geographic location matters to some students. These include:

Job recruitment: Companies often recruit from MBA programs in their area. Online MBA graduates from a Texas school have more opportunities to connect with Texas companies. Businesses are interested in candidates who know the area and can begin work without the additional cost of relocation.

Networking: One component of earning an online MBA involves creating lifelong business connections. Business school networks share information on job availability and business opportunities. Choosing an online MBA program in Texas provides a geographically concentrated network that can be utilized throughout your career. For example, graduates in the gulf coast area can become part of the Texas A&M network by enrolling in the online program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

Brand awareness: If you graduate from an online MBA program in Texas, employers are more likely to be familiar with the school you attended. Conversely, online MBA graduates in Texas are more likely to be aware of corporations in the area that are likely to recruit alums from Texas schools.

In-state tuition: Texans choosing an online MBA program at a Texas school are eligible for in-state tuition. In-state tuition is only for Texas residents and represents a significant savings over out-of-state or private university tuition.

Easily attend graduation ceremonies: Choosing an online MBA program in Texas allows graduates to easily participate in graduation ceremonies.

Earn valuable business skills

Not only does an online MBA program from a Texas school provide geographic benefits, it also brings all the traditional benefits of earning an online MBA. Classes in a Texas online MBA program focus on the fundamental skills behind successful business management, such as communication and analytical thinking. Core curriculum includes accounting, finance, marketing, statistics and operations.

Attending an online MBA program in Texas offers a geographically relevant degree with networking, recruitment, brand awareness and financial benefits, along with the solid education of a MBA program.