Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can help you become a better manager and give you the tools to handle difficult situations at work. You can improve your conflict management skills by taking online MBA courses such as Organizational Behavior and Theory, which covers a variety of areas, including conflict management and team building. Learning how to manage conflict within teams and organizations is critical when becoming a team manager.

Dealing with conflict at work can be one of the most challenging tasks for managers. However, conflict does happen, so managers must be prepared to handle it in the best manner possible. Learning conflict management skills while working through an online MBA program can help you learn how to effectively handle conflicts within your team and other departments.

Unresolved conflict can lead to low morale and distrust in the work environment. Understanding how your employees handle different situations is an important way to improve conflict resolution. Knowing the different personality types involved can help you navigate the situation in a way that does not upset anyone any further. For example, if an involved party is very non-confrontational, you may have to talk with that person separately and be particularly gentle in your approach. That person may also need you to be a mediator and explain that person’s position to the others involved in the disagreement.

Timing and Facts

In addition to understanding the personalities involved, recognizing the timing of a situation and knowing when to step in can help managers effectively resolve conflict. Understanding the duration of the conflict and when to step in is vital to resolving disagreements. Do not let situations drag out and span weeks or months. Some conflict can be beneficial, but letting things go unresolved for too long can damage both the work environment and morale.

And what about data? Do you have information available that reveals the root of the problem? Providing facts rather than opinions can help you maintain neutrality while navigating a tough political situation, such as an interdepartmental conflict.


Many issues at work can be resolved simply by listening. Listen and try to understand what those involved in the conflict are trying to communicate. Listening shows respect and demonstrates your intention to help to solve the problem.

Get HR Involved When Necessary

If a situation starts to get out of hand, do not hesitate to work with your human resources department. Learning how to work with HR can be an important tool in managing conflicts. Human resource officers often have additional training and skills to manage these difficult situations. Knowing how to work with HR is a useful addition to your conflict management skills.

How you handle conflict in the workplace can make the difference in getting a promotion or getting left behind when reviews come around. Keeping the peace within the office can lead to more productivity and a happier team of employees. Going through an online MBA program can help you learn conflict management skills that can boost your career and help your organization.

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