If you spent years in college mastering the basics of business, why should you have to spend time in graduate school learning them all over again? That is precisely what more and more graduates with a BBA degree are considering when making plans for business school.

The BBA, short for Bachelor of Business Administration, takes students through their paces in a diverse curriculum, often with a business concentration. That prepares students for both the business world and for entering a one-year MBA.

What is a one-year MBA?

This is a graduate-level business degree that is designed for highly motivated students. Consider it a fast-track solution for focused students who want to begin enjoying the benefits of an MBA as soon as possible. It is important to note that not all programs are created equal. Check for an institution’s ratings bythird-party sites like Forbes.

Those who already have a (BBA) business degree have an edge because they can choose from among the programs that require a BBA for admission.

How is a one-year MBA possible?

There are two ways to turn a traditionally two-year degree into a one-year degree. One way is to condense the coursework. This option is for students who have the time and the circumstances allowing them to handle a more intense curriculum. Why more intense? Because unlike the traditional two-year degree programs, the one-year MBA, online or otherwise, usually requires students to take more than one course at a time.

Some programs go as far as to condense that whole first year into three intense months during summer. Many prospective one-year MBA students may like the sound of getting an entire year of study behind them in just three short months, but in reality it is not always practical. For one thing, a high percentage of MBA students work on their degrees while continuing to hold a job. In fact,more than half of all MBA students are part time. That means the intense summer session might just well be out of the question.

There is another way

The second option for the one-year MBA is to require that applicants have a BBA degree, as described earlier. That way, students may continue in their present full-time jobs so no salary is lost, no time is wasted, and they still graduate with high-level knowledge of the business world and full understanding of topics like governance issues and effective leadership.

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