An online MBA program helps you advance your career and improve your odds of getting a promotion or securing your dream job. Accelerated MBA programs focus on skills that businesses desire and look for in potential leaders. Online Master of Business Administration programs foster analytical development, problem-solving abilities and leadership skills. The ability to solve complex business problems by using modern information and technology techniques adds a vital component to any business and prepares you to succeed in a leadership position.

The concept that an MBA program can be completed in one year is not a new one. According to Samantha Stainburn of the New York Times, graduate business programs first attempted in the 1950s to reduce the time it took to graduate. With the advent of online degree programs, the possibility of obtaining an MBA in one year has been realized. When choosing an MBA program, it is important to select a school with the faculty, instruction and research necessary to help you succeed in business. Not all schools are created equal, so it pays to do your research and select a school that meets your needs and caters to your specific business niche.

Online courses in an accelerated MBA program

The fast track to an MBA puts you through the ringer and tests your ability to perform in collaborative problem-solving situations. Prerequisite courses include basic accounting, economics, financial management, statistics and decision analysis. Core requirements build on existing knowledge and develop an understanding of advanced accounting topics, administrative strategy, organizational behavior, operations and marketing through highly specialized coursework. Students must also take elective courses that serve to reinforce practical workplace knowledge and experience.

How to get an MBA in just 12 months

In order to complete the 30 credit hours in 12 months, students must have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree before enrolling. If you do not have a comparable undergraduate degree, you may have to take additional courses to make up any deficiencies, which may lengthen the time spent in the program. Students with related degrees should still apply since it is up to the admissions committee to determine whether an applicant is ready to start an MBA. Students who already have jobs can typically complete coursework at night and over the weekends.

Obtaining an MBA in one year saves you money and time. Coursework in the degree program develops the skills that American businesses look for in a leadership candidate. A small investment in your future now can provide you with increased job security and the ability to be more selective about your career choice. As an increasing number of MBA graduates enter the workforce, it is becoming more important than ever to obtain an advanced degree to remain competitive. With online coursework that condenses a two-year MBA program into one year, you can begin the process of advancing and accelerating your career more quickly.

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