Paying out-of-state tuition for college can be a financial strain. Although you might not realize it, online programs in one state may charge more for students who complete their coursework online while living in another state. Comparing the cost of in-state against out-of-state tuition and looking at other factors can help you determine if it is better and more affordable to take classes from a Texas institution or a college in a different state.

In-state vs. out-of-state tuition

College tuition can vary dramatically based on whether students live in state or out of state. Most colleges charge in-state tuition for students who lived in the state when they applied for admissions and those who can show they are currently a resident of the state. Attending an online school outside of Texas can easily cost you twice as much as you would pay when you attend one of the online MBA programs in Texas.

Online program costs

When looking at an online MBA program in Texas or another state, it’s important that you look at all the costs associated with your degree. Tuition is the largest cost that you face. While some schools charge a set rate for each course or a specific amount per class, most schools charge a rate based on the number of credit or quarter hours of each class. Classes worth just one credit hour cost much less than a typical three-credit graduate course. Online students are often responsible for paying a technology fee and other fees for using school resources. You may also want to look at the average price that you will pay for the textbooks you need in your classes.

How to save money

One of the best ways to save money on your MBA is with one of the online MBA programs in Texas. Some schools ask that you spend from one weekend up to one month on campus. Traveling back and forth between your home and a local campus costs less than traveling to a campus in another state. You can also save money on your degree when you look for tuition assistance programs available through your employer, apply for financial aid and look at the payment plans that online colleges offer.

Texas is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies and companies that make millions of dollars every year. Whether you elect to study marketing, finance or any other concentration, you may have the chance to work for some of those top employers. The most affordable MBA programs for Texas residents are usually those that offer in-state tuition, but financial aid, payment plans and assistance programs can also make your online MBA program more affordable.