As the modern work environment becomes increasingly digitized, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can help with the transition to a digital workplace. Many businesses are supplying their employees with portable electronic devices or requiring them to provide their own. In addition, more and more companies are allowing employees to telecommute. An online MBA program helps students become more familiar with technology and may include a software-based business solutions course.

Characteristics of a digital workplace

Compared with a traditional work environment, the digital workplace is more collaborative, with people working across geographies and in real time. The widespread adoption of new technologies has helped people to become more connected. Businesses are growing, making it easier for people to work from home and across continents. In addition, technology is becoming an increasing part of every field, from construction to retail. Understanding how the technology works is an important aspect of obtaining and maintaining any job. The digital workplace comes in all sizes. Some companies take a simple approach to technology while others are going all in, running their entire business through various software systems.

Why an online MBA program?

If you are already in the workforce, an MBA could help improve your skills, priming you for a raise or promotion. No matter your career, an online MBA program can provide tangible and intangible benefits, including the technological skills needed in the growing digital workplace. In the past, many believed that a degree earned online would not be taken as seriously as a brick-and-mortar degree. Today that is not the case. According to a CBS News article, online degrees can stand up equally or even stand up better than a traditional degree. However, some of the strongest online degree programs come from universities with a brick-and-mortar presence.

Studying online provides flexibility, allowing you to build your resume and gain work experience while completing your degree program. The Learning Curve suggests that the current workforce is lacking in the necessary skills needed by the growing digital marketplace; however, as younger generations reach working age, this statistic may change. By applying oneself and working towards an MBA degree online, professionals today can grow with their business and keep up with technological changes.

The digital workforce requires an increased knowledge of hardware, software and communication systems as workers are increasingly required to collaborate across large geographic regions. Whether you are having trouble adapting to an increasingly digital workforce or looking to advance your career, an online MBA program may help you achieve your goals.

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