Not all MBA programs are built the same

As the online education realm grows, some schools seem to appear out of nowhere, touting their credentials and success for graduating students. While there are many online MBA programs from which to choose, deciding among them may depend on accreditation. Look for Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation before committing to a school’s Master of Business Administration program.

Admitting only the best students

You want an accredited online MBA offered by a school that has admission standards. Think of the online program as an extension of the physical university. To be considered for a quality school, applicants must have solid test scores, recommendations and competitive undergraduate grades. AACSB-accredited schools use these types of admissions requirements to identify and accept star students. Schools without accreditation may have questionable admission requirements. They usually allow almost anyone into the program, which makes it look like they are a popular academic choice due to the high number of students.

Curriculum for employment success

Current accreditation ensures students have a curriculum that is geared toward the modern industry. Employers understand that if a person graduates from certain accredited online MBA programs, they have the required skills to hit the ground running. Corporations want new hires to acclimate quickly to the environment and start producing results. Schools with no accreditation may not cover all the subjects necessary for corporate success. Employers may even skip over some applicants who have degrees from unverified online entities.

School legitimacy is critical to employer confidence

There are a number of online schools simply selling degrees for profit. If a person can afford the program’s fees, for example, they can take all the classes and technically graduate. They may not be able to apply the ideas in a real-life situation or even have the right facts backing up their schooling. An accredited online MBA program gives employers confidence that a graduate has certain skills and talents to mesh well with current position needs.

Accreditation includes periodic school inspections

If accreditation is so important, people might assume most schools would try to secure the credentials. Being accredited is not just a one-time test, however. Accredited institutions are periodically inspected for curriculum quality. Classes must meet strict standards for each subject, covering all necessary details before graduation. The professors are evaluated as well to ensure they have an adequate background for each class they teach. Although student teachers may help faculty with large online classes, it is still the main professor’s job to maintain the curriculum and teach the information. Even students are asked about their experiences to round out the accreditation.

Finding an accredited online MBA program is just the start to your journey. With this graduate degree, countless career positions may open up to you. It simply takes proper application and perseverance to secure that perfect position with a company that appreciates your talents.