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Non-Business Majors: What to expect from an MBA

Aside from the possible bump you’ll get in salary when you graduate, what else can you expect from a Master of Business Administration? Plenty, if you look at the data and ask around with current and former MBA students. Even those whose undergraduate degrees were in anything but business excel in their careers and consider an MBA an essential stepping stone on their pathways to success.

An MBA for non-business majors: here’s what you’ll be studying.

Liberal arts majors sometimes make the best business leaders despite never having taken a business course before they began pursuing a Master of Business Administration. An MBA for non-business majors can be a smart choice, complementing education and training received at the undergraduate level. An MBA program is likely to cover the following core subjects:

Accounting, economics, finance

MBA programs typically will cover accounting, economics and finance. Some students considering an MBA for non-business majors choose to only take the required accounting courses, forgoing the more advanced classes.

The study of economics takes a wider, more general perspective on the business world. Here, you will study economic systems, theories, and how the exchange of goods and services impacts business. This foundational course can prepare you for more advanced classes such as managerial economics.

In your finance courses, you will learn about investing, budgeting and assessing the financial health of a company. You may need to take economics and accounting courses first before you enroll in finance.

The study of economics takes a wider, more general perspective on the business world. Here, you’ll be studying systems, theories, and how the exchange of goods and services impacts business. Economics does often involve politics, which is an area where non-business majors may have some experience. For math and science majors, or other quantitative fields of study, an MBA for non-business majors might prove equally challenging, since the curriculum will undoubtedly include courses where a strong background in quantitative study will come in handy. Here are some other types of courses you will take if you decide to pursue a Master of Business Administration:


Marketing is really all about communication and human behavior. You will study how to influence people, how to brand products and services, and how to analyze the volumes of research that pour in from data providers so you can target your customers more effectively. While marketing isn't for everyone, it is good for all business students to have at least a basic understanding of this important area.


Again, you will be studying human behavior, only this time in groups. Learn about models of management and operational strategy and how to apply them to various business situations.

As you can see, an MBA covers a wide range of subjects … but don’t worry: Plenty of non-business majors have excelled in their programs and subsequently gone on to pursue rewarding careers.

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