An MBA is key to developing leadership skills

Most people can point to one or two influential people in their lives who inspired them to achieve more than they thought possible. Good leadership skills require the ability to manage, inspire and motivate others. A great leader has the right attitude and behavior to ensure that projects and tasks get completed while keeping morale high.

Rather than viewing the position of leadership as a method of controlling those around you to achieve your aims, you should think of it as a service position. Great leaders inspire loyalty and respect. By viewing a leadership as a service, you can put your own personal motivations aside and do what is necessary for the whole.

Developing into a great leader

The good news is that most great leaders are made, not born. By taking on challenges, any individual can develop his or her ability to better manage situations and grow. Participating in online MBA programs provides you with the opportunity to confront novel challenges while continuing to work. Leading group projects, managing events and participating in community activities provide excellent opportunities for developing leadership skills.

Different types of leaders

Keep in mind that there are different ways to effectively lead a group. Autocratic leaders make decisions without team input. Democratic leaders want input from team members. Delegative leaders provide key facts and consequences of a choice and let the group decide. Decide what type of leader you want to be, and realize that most leaders use a combination of leadership techniques.

Learn from other great leaders in your field

Attending local seminars related to your field, becoming an expert in your chosen profession and paying attention to how established leaders organize and plan provide additional opportunities for growth. Pay attention to how great leaders motivate and inspire crowds through body language, facial expression and rate of speech. The ability to communicate is essential for all leaders, so take some communication courses and put yourself in situations that require you to speak in public. Online MBA programs often require you to create thoughtful and organized presentations. Even if you don’t have to present in a physical classroom, prepare speeches for your projects and practice in front of a mirror to develop your confidence.

The traits of a good leader

Online MBA programs put you in touch with experienced teachers and professionals. Pay attention to how these individuals interact and conduct themselves. Great leaders have passion, ask relevant questions and take responsibility for decisions. Not every decision is going to be straightforward, and it is up to you to make a judgment and follow it through to the end. Stretch yourself to see things from another point of view, encourage others and avoid publicly criticizing. If you must discipline someone, do it privately to show respect and consideration for individuals working for you.

Online MBA programs provide opportunities to learn how to manage your time and prepare you for the rigors of corporate life and can give you a leg up on the competition. An MBA program combined with real-life work experience gives you the skills and experience necessary to succeed in any leadership position.