As the world shrinks, business booms. Super-fast communications and the internet have allowed businesses to go international in search of new markets and higher profits. The trend helps explain why multinational corporations are searching for a new breed of business professional: graduates of MBA in international business degree programs.

Says U.S. News & World Report on MBA programs in international business: “Students are introduced to monetary markets, business trends, regulations and laws that drive the globalized economy. Graduates leave school with enhanced cultural awareness, as well as the ability to look at business through a worldwide lens.”

Presented here are cost estimates for earning an online MBA in international business from a sampling of Texas-based universities. These estimates were sourced from university websites as of February 2020.

Compared to many international MBA programs across Texas, an MBA focused on international business from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is quite affordable. Total tuition for the 36-credit hour online program is $14,865.24, or $1,238.77 per course.

The University of Houston-Downtown offers an international business MBA program that costs almost $10,000 more, with tuition and other charges totaling $23,940.

Total tuition for Abilene Christian University’s online international business MBA is $26,352, while the online MBA program focused on international trade at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is $17,000.

In addition to affordable tuition, the TAMU-CC online MBA program with a Concentration in International Business offers other advantages. Out-of-state students are not charged a higher tuition rate than Texas residents. Moreover, students who qualify for a GMAT waiver can save money on test preparation and the cost of taking the exam.

Affordability and convenience are two reasons why many working professionals are opting for online programs to earn degrees that will help them advance in their careers. The online format is often the only practical choice for those with full-time jobs or parenting responsibilities.

Online degree programs such as the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC) MBA with a Concentration in International Business give candidates an affordable way to jumpstart their career and increase their salary potential in as little as 12 months.

Learn more about TAMU-CC’s online MBA program with a Concentration in International Business.


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