Business opportunities are expanding rapidly as the world shrinks with advanced telecommunications and internet marketing. Businesses large and small are going global and actively seeking professionals who can navigate uncharted waters.

Thinking globally when it comes to career advancement is motivating working professionals to consider advanced degree programs like the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi online MBA program with a Concentration in International Business.

Benefits of an International Business MBA

The main motivations to pursue an advanced degree in international business may be to harness global opportunities in terms of career advancement, job prestige and higher pay. But there are many other reasons as well, as explained by GlobalEdge:

  • Increased understanding of global markets. Studying international business provides a better grasp of global economic and business climates. Coupled with study of a foreign language or overseas study or intern experience, students who hope to work abroad are much better prepared to meet the challenges of a global economy.
  • Demand is growing for those with global business savvy. When you understand the logistics of international trade, cross-border investment concepts and the cultural and ethical issues pertaining to business practices in different areas of the world, you become an invaluable player on the global stage. Employers faced with the challenge of integrating multiple markets need graduates who have learned about different cultures and are willing to approach new issues with fresh perspectives.
  • Jobs available across all sectors in all fields. An international business MBA prepares graduates for careers in the public, private and nonprofit sectors in areas such as international trade, global business planning and industrial development.

Earning an MBA focused on international business prepares graduates for leadership roles in a global marketplace.

Students in TAMU-CC’s online MBA program with a Concentration in International Business can earn the degree in as little as one year. TAMU-CC’s College of Business holds AACSB accreditation, signaling a quality business education to prospective students and employers alike.

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