An MBA in Healthcare Administration prepares aspiring or working professionals for career advancement

A Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration program offers students advanced knowledge about the managerial and operational systems within the healthcare system. Moreover, the online MBA program also focuses on healthcare facilities management as well as legal and political regulations. MBA students can study the business of healthcare administration with courses in The Health Care System, Health Economics & Policy, Health Care Financial Management, and Health Law and Ethics. Students can earn the degree in as few as 12 months through the convenience of an online program.

What Will I Learn?

An MBA in Healthcare Administration program includes concentrated instruction in many topics through a variety of courses. Students learn about the economic, regulatory, ethical, social, political and legal requirements in the online MBA program. Upon graduation, these healthcare professionals enter (or re-enter) the workforce with analytical skill sets including expertise in economic, statistical and quantitative information.

Requirements for the MBA in Healthcare Administration Degree

Fortunately, a Bachelor of Business Administration or experience in the healthcare field are usually not necessary to enroll in an MBA in Healthcare Administration program. However, previous business, healthcare law or ethics courses can increase your odds of acceptance into an online MBA program. Potential candidates should have a minimum 2.0 grade point average for previous coursework. Further, schools that do require work experience generally request letters of recommendation and application essays. Research online program application requirements thoroughly before committing to a particular school.

What Makes This Degree Valuable?

The Accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is the first accolade that makes your MBA valuable. This organization ensures that you have chosen a reputable program; it is very difficult to secure professional healthcare work without a degree from an accredited school. An MBA in Healthcare Administration prepares aspiring or working professionals for career advancement in healthcare, where opportunities are more available to MBA graduates than they are to other candidates.

Curricula and Courses

Most MBAs require 36 credit hours. The online program makes it possible to earn the degree in as few as 12 months. For a general idea, some courses in the curriculum include the following:

  • Accounting Topics — focusing on financial and managerial accounting for accurate analysis of financial statements.
  • Managerial Economics — focusing on managerial micro economics and concepts to make informed decisions.
  • Organizational Behavior and Theory — focusing on studies of individuals, groups and intergroup behaviors in an organization.
  • Marketing Management — focusing on contemporary marketing management.

Earning an MBA in Healthcare Administration is a challenging and rewarding experience. The coursework is varied and interesting, and it covers an array of different topics for a well-rounded education. Earning an advanced degree opens new employment opportunities that showcase your leadership skills, your ability to analyze and find solutions, and your expertise in guiding healthcare institutions successfully.

Learn about the Texas A&M-Corpus Christi online MBA in Healthcare Administration program.


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