If you find yourself in a career path that doesn’t excite or challenge you, boredom is almost inevitable. In life, it’s always important to stay engaged and motivated — which can certainly be difficult at a job that does not challenge you.

On one hand, job security is important. On the other hand, if you are not happy at your job, you are not going to lead a very fulfilling life. Did you know that the average person spends a whopping 90,000 hours at work? You want those 90,000 hours to be engaging and enjoyable, not boring and depressing. If you are wondering what to do when bored at work, the simple answer is this: Be productive.

Be productive

If you find your current role at your workplace boring, you need to work toward advancing your career in one way or another. Whether that means moving up the ladder at your current company or finding a new job entirely – the point is to keep moving. One great way to work towards your future success while still earning a salary is to further your education, possibly via an online MBA program.

Continue your education

Going back to school can show your current employer – as well as future employers – that you are dedicated to furthering your personal knowledge and skillset, and that you are hungry for more responsibility. Going back to school can be a big undertaking. Depending on your work schedule, it may not be possible to attend a traditional MBA program. Consider enrolling in an online MBA program to gain the business knowledge you need to work your way up in the business world. Online programs allow you to complete classes in your leisure time, while still maintaining a 9-to-5 job.

Remember that you’re not alone

It can be frustrating and discouraging to be stuck in a job that does not meet your expectations or does not allow you to reach your potential. When you are feeling down, remember that you are not alone: According to a recent study by the New York-based research group the Conference Board, 52.3% of Americans are unhappy at work. So the next time you are wondering what to do when you’re bored at work, use that frustration to your advantage and work toward furthering your goals in life!

More than 50 percent of Americans are unhappy at their jobs – but that doesn’t mean you have to be in the majority! Take positive steps toward your future goals, and you will be happier in life and at work. Consider furthering your education, perhaps with the help of an online MBA program. Make changes that will help you move up the corporate ladder.

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