Sending out resumes and going to interviews can be stressful. Industries vary, but there are common interview prep questions that you are likely to face in nearly any interview. While you are looking for your next position, it’s wise to take time for interview preparation. These common questions can help you get ready for your next interview.

  1. Tell me about yourself. This seems like an easy question, but you can end up repeating the information from your resume without interview preparation. Instead, give a few sentences about accomplishments and experiences relevant to the position.
  2. What are your weaknesses? Interviewers often ask this question to gauge honesty and self-awareness. Choose weaknesses that you are actively working to improve.
  3. Why did you leave your job? You generally try to avoid talking about any conflicts you had in your last position. Instead, discuss what you’re looking for in a new position and new challenges that the position can offer.
  4. What are your salary requirements? Talking about money can be uncomfortable, but this is a very common interview prep question. To avoid guesswork when answering this question, be sure to research the company and the salary range for the position you want.
  5. Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult situation/client. There are difficult situations in every job. Demonstrate your ability to handle different personalities and resolve conflicts in a professional manner.
  6. How do you deal with stress? Employers want to know that you can handle stress in a positive way. Talk about your tried-and-true stress-relief techniques, and then give an example of a stressful situation you handled well.
  7. Why do you want to work for this company? Do your research on the company to which you are applying. Tailor your answer to include your skills and how they align with the things you like about the company.
  8. Where do you see yourself in five years? Outline your goals and ambitions. Think about what the prospective position has to offer, possible growth potential and how that fits into what you ultimately want to be doing.
  9. Why should we hire you? Use this question as a way to sell yourself. Tell the interviewer how your skills benefit them, how you can fit into the team and what sets you apart as the best candidate.
  10. What questions do you have for me? Take this opportunity to find out if this job is a good fit for you. You will probably cover a lot of this in the interview, so be ready with a few less-common questions. You might ask about the team or department you will work in or why the interviewer likes working for the company.

It’s important to take the time to review some interview prep questions before you walk into any interview. You want to ensure that you are ready to put your best foot forward and really sell yourself and your skills. Interview preparation is also helpful so that you can relax and focus on giving your best answers in the actual interview. Reviewing these top interview questions could help you perform well in your next interview.

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