You may be tempted to go to grad school straight out of college. But taking time off before pursuing your Master of Business Administration or other advanced degree may be more beneficial than going straight into a graduate program after completing your undergraduate degree. Getting accepted into an online MBA program may be easier and more satisfying after taking some time off from school.

Some of the benefits of taking time off include the chance to:

Figure things out

Maybe there is a topic you want to know more about. Instead of spending time and money diving into the topic in graduate school, you can work different jobs to see what you like and don’t like about a specific area. Spending time to reflect on the options available to you may help you chose an online MBA program that you will enjoy.

Add to your graduate application

You can market yourself better if you can write an incredible essay about what you have done since you got your bachelor’s degree. If you have traveled, worked for an amazing company or done some volunteer work, you will stand out among other applicants. Furthermore, gaining work experience for an MBA can help you get accepted into an online MBA program. By gaining work experience before your master’s degree, you can also get better recommendation letters from your bosses.

Save money

When you take time off from school, you may have more time to look for scholarships and fellowships. This can help you decrease the cost of an online MBA program. In addition, you may be able to start paying back undergraduate loans faster and become more financially secure before starting your MBA.

Many jobs also offer help for MBA students. Some companies will offer to reimburse your MBA if you continue to work for them after getting your degree. Taking time to find a job you enjoy and that will also offer to pay for your MBA can help to ease the significant financial burden and time commitment of getting your degree.

Taking time off from school between degrees can often help you rejuvenate and discover things about yourself and your career before tackling your MBA. Many students often find it more satisfying when they take time off. Working to improve yourself during this time will not only help you during your MBA studies, but it may also help you have a more satisfying life after receiving your master’s degree.