Somewhere in the world a business just failed or a working professional lost a job unexpectedly. In Silicon Valley, “fail fast, fail often” is a celebrated mantra. Really. Failure happens to everyone.

In fact, the subject of failure gets a lot of attention at a series of worldwide annual conferences called FailCon, and “Failing to succeed” is the topic of an event in New York City. However, the best failure advice these days is to fail forward, meaning learn from your mistakes, dust yourself off and get up.

Failure Benefits

Internationally renowned motivational speaker Les Brown is famous for saying “Failure is not a destination; it’s an invitation to unforeseen victories.” In other words, fail forward.

One of the reasons many startups fail is because the entrepreneur is not realistic about what it takes to operate a business. Some people do not have the requisite skills and knowledge to manage others, to market their products and services or to operate in an ever-changing global economy. Failure is one way to learn what you need to learn. Whether you fail fast, fail often or fail cheap, just start again.

How to Use Failure to Begin Again

Failed startup-entrepreneurs and working professionals experiencing career setbacks may actually benefit from those failures if they look for lessons in the experience. The end of one opportunity may be a good time to shore up weaknesses before seeking out another by enrolling in an online MBA program. Earning an MBA offers the following benefits:

  • Skill development
  • Introduction to new concepts
  • Expanded global networking
  • Improved decision-making
  • New career and entrepreneurial opportunities

“Make Failure Your Vitamin”

Les Brown is known for statements like this. He goes on to say that “Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.” Take the time to review failure when it occurs because if you do not, you may repeat the same mistakes. Brown’s suggestion is to take a strategic perspective on any setbacks and create a plan of action to achieve your goals.

An online MBA program can help you overcome gaps in your experience, especially after you have experienced failure. The courses are all online, so you can study at your convenience from any location. By broadening your horizons in an online MBA program accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), your emphasis shifts toward a new goal that will strengthen your critical thinking and decision-making capabilities. Additionally, rigorous graduate curricula offer other benefits. You may be able to find new opportunities to start over in a new industry or partner with other entrepreneurs for future startups. The connections you make while pursuing an MBA will expand your personal and professional networks.

Improve with a Competitive Online MBA

Use failure as motivation to start again, to apply what you have learned toward a new goal rather than remaining stuck. Help secure a different outcome by enrolling in an online MBA program.

Even though you experience failure, do not allow it to disrupt your career path. You are capable of overcoming failure if you fail forward and keep moving ahead with a new plan.

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